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The Fire Deity

He Who Stands By The Hearth
Protects the Land and Cattle and
Defends the 3 Buddhist Treasures.
Fire brings to mind images of destruction, anguish, and pain. But in
the hands of SAMBO KOJIN, the Japanese Kitchen God, fire creates,
gratifies and protects.

Our Story


Sambo Kojin takes the lead in satisfying Japanese and Korean grill diners not only with its top grade US Beef and premium seafood main features, superior grilling and food safety technology, complete newly-cooked Japanese and Korean culinary favorites but by bringing in the authentic features and origin of Japanese yakiniku houses.

Yakiniku. The real thing means grilled meats in its broadest sense, traces its beginning to Korean immigrants in Japan’s Kansai area after the World War II. The original Korean invention was known as ‘hurumonyaki’ the precursor of the popular ‘bulgogi’ which literally means ‘fire meat’ because it is cooked over burning flames.

From SAMBO KOJIN, the Japanese kitchen god, the fire bearer who held dominion over home and hearth, in whose honor, the ultimate “grill all you can, eat all you can Yakiniku” restaurant Sambo Kojin was named now offers the best of Japanese barbecue and the charm of its Korean counterpart.

Highlighting the freshest and most premium meat, poultry, seafood and vegetable yakiniku menu items, with a range of sumptuous cooked specialties and an extensive sushi bar, diners enjoy the ritual pleasures of grilling and the delight of feasting together on dishes resulting from the mastery of a Japanese and Korean culinary tradition.

Bringing in the authentic features of Japan’s Yakiniku houses, Sambo Kojin modernizes the restaurant operation to provide comfort, efficiency and pleasurable dining. The exhaust system was designed to eliminate smoke and minimize odor while grilling thus, guests fully enjoy the experience of cooking their own food.

No other can compete with the wealth of mouthwatering over 50 Sushi Bar favorites. Foremost of its unique features, aside from its complete line-up of Japanese specialities, is KAMAMESHI, the sought after Japanese rice dish. Maxing the dining pleasures is the variety of Japanese fried delights, KATSU and FURAI.

Popular Korean favorites include a savory company of appetizers, known as banchan, main table fare like Chapchae, Korean beef stew, bibimbap and almost the entire Korean culinary ensemble. Sweet endings boast of a line-up of yummy desserts from different flavored ice creams, cakes and pastries, to an indulgent chocolate fondue, to cap off a delectable meal.

From the kitchen God, to your table, Sambo Kojin creates a dining experience to be relished, repeated and remembered.